miercuri, 29 aprilie 2015

New shop on Etsy

Hi all,

Since a couple of months now I have started a shop on Etsy.
Direct link to it is this one https://www.etsy.com/shop/handmadeforkidz :).

Shop contains my crochet items for which I made written patterns along with step by steps photos of how it was done. On some of them tried also to include as much as possible diagrams for a better understanding of how it's worked, per row.

Hope to have more time do this kind of patterns.
Unfortunately for me it takes some time to do it, as :
- I need to make pictures from different angles and in different stages.
- I need to write an comprehensive pattern, so even persons who do not have any experience with crochet can understand.
- I try as much as possible to find ways of writing or manipulating existing crochet diagrams, as for some it's an good alternative of understanding how is done.

I do not know how others could have done so many patterns in time, like thousands.
This could only mean that I will need to try to improve the way I create and write my patterns.

Hope you will like what you will see.
See you on the shop :)

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